I got the following email from Nita Bowerman, one of my Onsite artists, today looking for a stage manager for her show, wreckage.

I’m doing a Fringe show under a wharf on Granville Island.  I’m making a homemade raft to float on the water and I’ve begun a conversation with a diver who may be interested in coming on board to animate the water for the show.  Regardless of how that develops it is time for me to bring a stage manager into the fold.  I’m looking for someone reliable and hearty.  It’s a 50 minute show, but I will need assistance with set up and strike every night (I’m cognizant about keeping it as minimal as possible).  Dates of engagement would be possibly late August and definitely early September through the run which is from Sept 8-18.  The show is at 9pm.

I’m offering a 33% split of the box with a minimum guarantee of $500.  It is the same offer I am extending to the diver.  The remaining 33% goes toward paying down the production costs and any other contingencies (like an audience shepherd or other crew).  The Stage Manager will be responsible for audience safety (required to be ready with a life preserver as they will be on a floating dock) and will run minimal lights and probably some sound.  If all goes well I can also extend the offer that should the production be remounted with a bigger budget, I will the ask the SM to do the remount with a properly paid salary.

Interested? Email me at Lois@LoisBackstage.com and I will put you in touch.