Compassionate Bone

Alpha at the Vancouver Fringe

Rick was born to play hockey. But it’s his final year in the minors, and he still hasn’t been drafted. With the end of high school and the pressure to win a Provincial Championship looming, Rick struggles to hold his dream in focus. Armed with only a sense of humour and a big stick, is Rick ready to face off against his fears? A semi-autobiographical slapshot to the solar-plexis.

Written & Performed by Evan Frayne
Directed by Angela Konrad
Stage Managed by Lois Dawson
Set & Lighting design by Lauchlin Johnston
Sound Design by Jeff McMahan

A play about small town minor hockey and big time dreams, Alpha is inspired by Evan Frayne’s own experiences growing up in a place where hockey is king. As Rick says, “If you’re like me, if you grew up where I did, there’s one dream and I had it. To play professional hockey.”

But pursuing your dreams is dangerous business and the pressure to play hard on and off the ice begins to take its toll. Before long, Rick discovers that battling your personal demons can be even more intimidating than facing off with an enforcer.

ALPHA plays at Studio 16, 1555 West 7th Avenue, September 7 – 15.

Show times are: Fri Sept 7, 22:40-23:40| Sat Sept 8, 16:30-17:30| Sun Sept 9, 12:45-13:45| Mon Sept 10, 18:15-19:15| Thurs Sept 13, 20:30-21:30| Sat Sept 15, 20:00-21:00.

Tickets are $5 – $12 plus fees and available online at

Compassionate Bone Theatre

I’ve been teasing this news here and there. A post on facebook. A tweet. A handful of hints. But this morning went live, auditions were announced, and reality is slowly setting in.

I’ve started another company. I’m the managing producer of said company.  Our first show opens in less than a year. It’s time to get to work. And I get to do that work with two of my favourite people: Angela Konrad (Artistic Director) and Evan Frayne (Associate Artistic Director).

Already I’ve had moments of wondering if I’m in over my head or bitten off more than I can chew, but I suspect everyone feels that way from time to time. The first time was as I was composing an email to the playwright’s agent to explain why we were interested in producing this play and what our production history was. A moment of fear, and then I wrote the truth: “Compassionate Bone Theatre is a brand new company in Vancouver, BC. We were tired of going to see theatre and not seeing plays that spoke to us, so we concluded that the only way to change that was to produce it ourselves.  We are hungry for plays with compelling stories; plays with characters whose struggles are significant and timely; plays that make us feel, make us laugh, make us think. We believe that Mother Teresa is Dead (from which we gleaned the name for our company) is a fitting premiere.” And we got the rights.

What’s been most amazing today has been the response from friends, family and colleagues who are excited by what we are doing and can’t wait to see what we do. Which again inspires that feeling of both terror and excitement.  Which means things must be heading the right direction.