Broadway Stage Managers’ Secrets Revealed – New ATW Podcast

I’ve previously written about the podcasts provided by the American Theatre Wing and the wealth of knowledge available there. Today in the Stage Directors and Choreographers Foundation Masters of the Stage series they’ve posted a roundtable from May of last year where three Broadway stage managers speak to the relationship between stage managers and directors. The podcast is intended for directors and what they can learn from stage managers, but there is so much to take away from listening to these pros speak. The total running time is just under an hour, but the final ten minutes have some audio problems – the microphone cuts out for 2-3 minutes at a time and some answers are cut off and/or missed completely, which is too bad.  It is so valuable to get to hear what people who do the job at that level have to say about it.

The roundtable consists of Jill Cordle (Jerusalem), Heather Cousens (Spring Awakening), and Ira Mont(Arcadia).

Some of the questions posed include: “What is the dumbest thing you’ve ever seen a director do?”, “How can the director help things run smoother during tech?”, “Who is your ideal director that, in a perfect world, you would get to work with?”,  “What advice would you have for early career directors?”, “What is the relationship between the director and stage manager after opening?”, “What’s the best first meet you’ve experienced or what do you wish the first rehearsal meet and greet would look like?”

You can listen to the podcast on the American Theatre Wing website or you can download it from iTunes.

My favourite quote?  “It all comes back to collaboration, communication, facilitation. There’s nothing we do – that you guys do – that doesn’t fall into that little rubric.” – Ira Mont

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