Meme Alert **updated**

There’s a new meme going around that attempts to explain what people in the arts do.  If you’re on facebook at all I’m sure you’ve seen the photos for writers, musicians, actors, producers, directors and many other artistic jobs.  Well tonight one of my twitter people, Billy Wolfe (aka @Pinteresque) made one for stage management.

UPDATE: I was just sent this second version on Facebook.  It was created by a gentleman named Gage Crook.

UPDATE #2 – This one came over twitter from @headsetchatter: The Stage Manager as portrayed by the characters of The West Wing

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I am a Vancouver-based Stage Manager and frequent theatre goer. After graduating from Trinity Western University I spent two seasons as the resident stage manager at Pacific Theatre. Now I am working as a freelancer with various companies in Vancouver.


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  2. What an honor to be like Leo!

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