Lois’ Grand Adventure – Day 36 (Paris)

At the Moulin Rouge

At the Moulin Rouge

This morning I left the hotel with a plan: head to the Eiffel Tower early to go up it before the line got too long. When I was about halfway there I realized that I’d forgotten my camera on my bed, so I turned around and headed back, stopping at the mall across from the hotel for one final dress shop. And behold, I found a dress! It’s not what I thought that I would buy, but I like it and it will be great for all the upcoming openings.

After dropping my new dress off in my room and freshly armed with my camera I decided to take a new approach to the day and jumped on the metro to Montmartre. I explored Sacré-Cœur and happened to be in the basilica during a service, so the nuns were all up there singing in some combination of Latin and French. It was beautiful. But of course it was another “no photos” zone, so alas I have no photos from it. I walked through the Montmartre district, past all the artists selling their work in the square, and down the street to the Moulin Rouge. I didn’t go inside, mostly because the cost of lunch and a show is WAY out of my price range, but it’s good to be able to say that I’ve been there. Adventure on!


Looking down the Eiffel Tower

When I arrived at the Eiffel Tower (after finally circling back to that part of the to-do list), the line up was huge. And there was a big sign saying the top – the summit – was closed. Was it worth going up if I couldn’t go to the top? Who knows, but I knew if I didn’t go up at all I’d be kicking myself (once everyone else finished kicking me). So I joined the long line and enjoyed my time watching the people around me. The two little boys in line with their parents in front of me were very VERY excited and that was a joy to watch. Finally (after about 40 minutes) I got up to the ticket booth. To my surprise and delight the top was open again. I could choose to go all the way up. Which of course I did. I immediately went all the way to the top where you could feel the tower moving the wind – no wonder it had been closed before. Surprisingly I did not witness any proposals. I kind of expected I would because it’s Christmas Eve at the Eiffel Tower, but maybe that’s more of an after dark activity.

I adventured around all three levels of the tower, popping into every little shop and restaurant just to see what you can see up there. It’s a total tourist trap, but it is a cool piece of architecture. I can’t imagine when it opened in the 1860’s having to climb stairs all the way to the top. Or being like Mr. Eiffel and having an apartment up there. It would freak me out in the wind! I only climbed from the second floor down to the first and that was more than enough. By the time I came back down to the bottom (via elevator), the summit was closed again – I can only assume it was once more due to the wind. I kind of lucked out there and snuck in just at the right time.


Paris Santa

Then it was back to the hotel again to deposit the treasures I had accumulated throughout the day. But the way back to the hotel was lined with many Christmas markets, and I couldn’t resist taking my picture with Santa. It was the sunniest of all the days I’ve had in Paris and it was beautiful.

And off to the area around Notre Dame where I had dinner at a little cafe, sitting on the patio listening to the church bells ring as I wrote post cards, drank hot cocoa, and ate my supper. I felt like I was living in a movie set.

The big TVs outside the cathedral while the police control the line up to enter the building.

The big TVs outside the cathedral while the police control the line up to enter the building.

As 8pm rolled around, I walked across the street to the Cathedral to try to get inside for the International Mass. Although various Christmas Eve Masses were happening all night, I wanted to catch part of the one that I might actually understand. I was able to get inside the building, but I watched the last seats get filled by those who entered with me. I waited inside until the clergy made their grand entrance and then I took my program and ventured back outside to the large grandstand that had been set up where I could watch on the big TV screen.  I lasted about 40 minutes until the wind was too cold to sit outside any longer.

Back at the hotel I was able to Skype with the family in Edmonton for about 45 minutes. I won’t get a chance to talk to them tomorrow because I’ll be on the airplane all day.

And now? Now I’m re-packing my suitcase, trying to get it under the weight limits, trying to protect my purchases, and listening to Christmas carols.

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