In Anticipation: 2013 Resolutions

Wanted: As much fun in 2013 as I had in 2012

Wanted: As much fun in 2013 as I had in 2012

1. I resolve to focus more fully on the people I am physically with, putting aside my phone and the digital world so that I can really connect.

2. I resolve to buy a condo in the first half of the year and to have the money saved from my tour to pay for any renovations I want to do.

3. I resolve to focus more on the amazing and positive things that are happening than complaining about the negative.

4. I resolve to finally visit New York.

5. I resolve to be able to say “This was the best year yet” at the end of the year.


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I am a Vancouver-based Stage Manager and frequent theatre goer. After graduating from Trinity Western University I spent two seasons as the resident stage manager at Pacific Theatre. Now I am working as a freelancer with various companies in Vancouver.


  1. I absolutely adore this photo of you! Here’s to 2013~

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