Shows I Saw: August

August was another one of those weird months where I was working out of town, or on vacation, and didn’t really get to see a lot of theatre.   When it reached mid-month and I had yet to see anything, I found myself getting a little bit depressed. Luckily, there was a solution: watch Orestes as done live in Austin, Texas from the comfort of my bedroom via the internet.  And now they’ve put the show online for anyone to watch at any time.

I did manage to check out School House Rock Live while I was at the Edmonton Fringe. My best friend and I decided that we felt like we were five years old that day. Of course, we also ate Kraft Dinner with hot dogs cut up in it for lunch.

Since arriving back in Vancouver on Thursday of last week, I have also managed to see Rent (Fighting Chance Productions) & Macbeth (Limbo Circus Theatre).  Seeing Macbeth was my first time inside the Little Mountain Studios, which was an experience in itself – the small venue, still under construction, is right in my new neighbourhood. I would love to see more shows that are happening there.

Rebecca Coleman wrote a post today for the Vancouver Musicals blog about whether or not bigger is better when it comes to musicals.  Having just seen Rent, I think I agree with her for the most part – when I see a “big” musical I want to see the big tricks pulled out. I was trying to imagine what a scaled down version of “Phantom” would look like, and I can’t quite imagine it without that chandelier.

August went out on a theatrical day: the first day of rehearsals for Frozen (my upcoming show with shameless hussy productions) and a volunteer orientation for the Fringe festival here in Vancouver this month.   And there’s a lot to see in September, so I’ll be back with that list tomorrow!

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