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fringe logoIt’s Fringe time again and the Island is already buzzing. Last night I had my first shift as a volunteer and had a great time running from venue to venue. My legs were actually quite sore this morning!  During the off time I put together my Fringing schedule, but before I share it a few disclaimers:

My schedule at the moment is crazy: between my rehearsal schedule for Frozen, Fringe Volunteering, & other commitments I only have a few slots left to see Fringe shows. My goal is to see 13 (and that’s how many are on the schedule below), however there were a lot more than that which I would have LIKED to see, but many of them simply did not have performances in time slots when I could see them.  Also, as a volunteer I have a rush pass, which means my entry depends on how many paid people show up. There may be shows on this list that I cannot get in to. With that said, here it goes:

Today (Saturday, 12th): 6:45pm – NGGRFG @ Waterfrong
8:30pm – Volunteer Shift (I’ll be around the Island)
12:30pm – Circus @ Carousel (Not really a fringe show, but still!)

Sunday, 13th: 1:00pm – Lavigna @ Arts Umbrella
2:55pm – Some Reckless Abandon @ Carousel
4:35pm – Afterlife @PTC
5:45pm – Heading off Island for church
8:30pm – Volunteer Shift on Island
8:50pm – Cableresque @ Performance Works

Tuesday, 15th: 11:00pm -Drinks With Friends @ Carousel

Wednesday, 16th: No Fringe – Night Off

Thursday, 16th: NO Fringe

Friday, 18th: 8:00pm – Kicked @ Pacific Theatre
9:30pm – Dog Sees God @ Pacific Theatre

Saturday, 19th: 12:00pm – Shotgun @ Pacific Theatre
3:00pm – The Saddest Girl in the World @ Carousel
5:35pm – Red Bastard @ Waterfront
5:50pm – Murder, Hope @ PTC  (If I can’t get in to Red Bastard since it’s been selling well already)
7:00pm – The Gast Heart @ Carousel

8:30pm – Volunteer Shift on Island

That’s my Fringe plan – Happy Fringing to you all, and hope to see you out and about!

(Updated Monday, Sept 14 at 2:13AM. All updates in BOLD)

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