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I’ve been tweeting my thoughts on the shows I’ve been seeing, so rather than take the time to write reviews of Fringe shows (which I couldn’t do better than Plank Magazine anyways), I’m just going to post my tweet reviews here. I’ll update this post as I have more to add.

SMLois: If you like musicals or sex see Cableresque at #vanfringe. Not any plot but great singing, dancing, and stripping! 4.5 *s

SMLois: Just out of Afterlife: 5*s. Smart, funny 1 woman show. 3 more performances, do not miss it. #vanfringe

SMLois: Just saw Lavigna at #vanfringe. Super cute story with lots of laughs for kids and adults. 4*s

SMLois: Yesterday at #vanfringe: Nggrfg 4*s – took a bit to warm up then great & Circus (not really fringe) 5*s Great work from Sebastian Kroon.

SMLois: Drinks With Friends at #vanfringe: 3*s. The performance is strong but the script needs some work. Lots of funny moments.

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I am a Vancouver-based Stage Manager and frequent theatre goer. After graduating from Trinity Western University I spent two seasons as the resident stage manager at Pacific Theatre. Now I am working as a freelancer with various companies in Vancouver.

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