2009 In Review: Top 10 Tweets

On twitter this afternoon @tinarasmussen asked:

“Has anyone done a top 10 best tweets list of 2009?”  And so I put one together based on the tweets I have added to my “favourites” page over the course of 2009.  In chronological order, I present to you my top 10 tweets of 2009.

1. SarahMclellan: Took my to-do list, grabbed it by the ankles, turned it upside down and shook out its lunch money. Then I gave it a swirlie.

2. IanAMartin: @SMLois You have to be careful when complimenting an actress on her dipthongs, if one is a male. Tricky to be clear about your meaning.

3. feliciaday: Today’s motto: “Felicia Day. Putting her email foot in it since 1999.”

4. krisjoseph: RT @treykblackburn: I disenjoy drama. I’m an #actor so I can have drama in the #theatre not in #reallife.

5. thenextstagemag: Buffy geek porn! Once More With Feeling behind the scenes video! http://tinyurl.com/yzm8e3m

6. lekogirl: Abusing my twitter list privileges! Making a favorites list & a favourites list; one for real people, the other for Canadians like @smlois.

7. a_mandolin: As an artist, I always get asked “So what are you working on.” Attempting to stay above the poverty line seems to be a good answer.

8. batfishlighting: @jimonlight My ass is important. End of sentence

9. nickkeenan: Quote of eve from Don Hall: “Chicago Cancer Society raises tons of money: not by selling cancer. WHY DO WE SELL THEATRE AT FUNDRAISERS?”

10. dloehr: Thanks to Facebook event pages, “maybe” is the new “no.”

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