Back from Vacation

Sunset as seen from the airplane

It was a bit of a shock to get off the plane in Edmonton on Saturday night – hit by the bitter cold of -25 while still glowing from my sunburnt chest and back.  What followed was a series of delayed flights and moments of panic that I wouldn’t make it back to Vancouver. My flight from Edmonton to Calgary was delayed because the plane was stuck in Fort Mac due to snow and ended up leaving about an hour late. Thankfully my flight from Calgary to Vancouver was in the gate right next to where that one landed and I was able to walk off one plane and onto another.  I figured out that from the time I left the resort that morning until I arrived home, I travelled for over 15 hours. But it was totally worth it.

The amazing thing about going somewhere for a week is that for most of the week I am able to relax and leave the stresses behind.  I stop thinking about my failures, stop stressing about finding a job, stop worrying about things beyond my control – the only thing I worry about is whether or not I’ll see a giant sea turtle, a sting ray or a barracuda.  And yes, I did see all three. And yes, I totally froze and just floated there and waited for him to decide to go another direction rather than attract his attention.

My mom swimming with the turtles.

Here are a few of the highlights of my week away:

– Stars so clear – clearer even than in Chemainus.

– Swimming with the giant sea turtles (4+ ft!) five out of the seven days

– Getting caught in a huge downpour while walking through Playa Del Carmen and having a local man, from a dry place, call out to me that I was getting a “true Mexican shower”

– Leaving Edmonton in a blizzard and then arriving to 25 degrees celcius and heading straight for the ocean.

– Finding a sea shell as big as my head

– Spending time with family

The seashell is as big as my head!

– Eating fresh fruit – Pineapple, Melon, Papaya, etc at EVERY meal

– The variety of fish that you see at a coral reef (there was one right in front of the resort)

– Finding the most awesome fabric store in Playa del Carmen where I bought some beautiful fabric for about half of what it would cost here in Canada

– Buying a Spanish copy of The Nightmare Before Christmas as a souvenir

– A giant bottle of Vanilla – REAL Vanilla – which should last me about a year worth of cupcakes

– Watching “The Big Bang Theory” on Mexican TV with Spanish subtitles and laughing at some of the translations of Sheldon’s lines. I had already seen all the episodes they showed, but I laughed at all of them as if it were the first time.

– Falling asleep on the beach in sheer relaxation

Hanging out with my brother

– Snorkeling in a lagoon just north of the hotel that felt like swimming in an aquarium

– The ice cream bar next to the pool – four flavour of ice cream (Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, or Lime Sorbet) – available on demand.  And if you asked nicely they’d pour some liqueur on top for you.

All that said, there’s nothing like coming home and being in my own apartment and own bed.  And I’m back just in time – the PuSh festival kicks off tonight and I’ll be attending the gala as one of the invited bloggers.  Mexico was a great kick off to what I’m counting on to be a fantastic year! Here’s to the next adventure.

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