Last Night’s #PuShFest Gala in Tweets

The Push Festival "Bat Signal"

We lost our wifi at club 560 mid-way through the event last night, so instead of returning to blogging, I kept up with things from twitter. Below, in chronological order (starting from the beginning of the night) is what I had to say about the party in tweet form:

Executive director Norman Armour is giving a speech, but I can’t hear any of it over the party. #push2011

They’re talking about the necessity of having an @Vancouver125pin to get back in, but I never got one. Boo. #PuShFest

Lots of fun meeting twitter folks IRL here at the #PuShFest Gala: Am sitting beside @niftynotcool and @don4n

So many people to talk with at #PuShFest is making blogging hard. I promise I will write more than one sentence by the end of the night

RT: @chriswaltsPretty cool blogger area at #push2011 love the initiative

RT: @PuShFestival Cool! #vancouver‘s own Zapato Negro takes to the stage#pushfestival I like it :-)))

Let’s get this party started! The #PuShFest gala is going strong – here’s what you’re missing:

Time to go join the party for a bit, but I’ve got my iPhone, so I’ll still be tweeting #PuShFest

Curious what @niftynotcool and I have been up to? Here’s the photo evidence: #pushfest

Sadly our wifi connection has gone down here at #pushfest. Not sure what we will do now.

Check out the dancers taking the floor at #pushfest:

Adrienne Wong from @NeworldTheatre Is about to play a ukelele ditty for us:

They’re performing Poker Face on ukelele. It’s fantastic. #pushfest

Seeing @THTRreplacement‘s WeeTube in the lounge at #pushfest

Quote from @thezolas: “This song is about sexual frustration. I hope none of you can relate to it.” #pushfest

I am wiped. Time to call it a night and head home from #pushfestgala. Tomorrow I will be seeing one of the shows.

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