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Lois is a Vancouver-based production, event, and stage manager. She was the resident stage manager at Pacific Theatre from 2007 – 2010. She has since worked with the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games, the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation, the Vancouver & Toronto Fringe Festivals, Mobile Productions Zurich, the PuSh Festival and High Performance Rodeo as well as 35 theatre, opera and dance companies across Canada. Lois sits on the Board of Directors for the Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards Society (The Jessies); guest lectures at Trinity Western University, York House School, and Capilano University; is the BC/Yukon representative for the Canadian Actors Equity Association Indie Advisory Committee; and is a mentor with the Ignite program for the Vancouver East Cultural Centre (the Cultch).

www.LoisBackstage.com launched in 2008 and now features recipes, pop culture, and behind-the-scenes looks at the productions she is involved with. It is used as a part of the Stage Management curriculum at three universities.

In spring of 2009 Lois was interviewed by The Next Stage Magazine about stage managing, social media, and the state of theatre in Vancouver.  To read the interview in its entirety, click here. In the Summer 2011 edition of EQ (Equity Quarterly – the official news magazine of the Canadian Actors Equity Association) Lois was interviewed on the role of social media in theatres. The article can be found online in pdf form if you wish to read it. She also occasionally writes for 2am theatre and takes on freelance social media consulting, planning and marketing gigs.

If you have questions, please feel free to get in touch via email: lois (at) loisbackstage (dot) com


  1. May I contact you via e-mail? I am currently studying stage management at Baylor University in Texas and would love to pick your brain. Your resources for stage managers post is several levels of genius.

  2. Hi Sara – Please do! You can e-mail me at Lois (at) Loisbackstage (dot) com (Sorry I dont’ write out the whole email to prevent spam). I’d love to talk to you!

  3. Hi,

    You mentioned in one of your posts you would be able to send PDF examples of costume plots, QC plots etc. Would you be able to send me examples of anything costume related and stuff to have a look at as I am new to this?

  4. Hi katy,

    I’ve sent you an email! Hope they help as you shape your own paperwork!

  5. Hello Lois;

    I have recently created a website for Canadian Theatre practitioners that your audience may be interested in seeing. Perhaps we could place reciprocal links on our sites?


    Best Regards;

  6. Hi Michael,

    Fun to see some more Canadian theatre sites popping up. I’m having problems viewing your site in google Chrome (which is my browser of choice). Any idea why that could be?

    As for link-love, I’m just figuring out what I want to do about that as I suddenly have a number of people asking me to link to them on my site. Watch for an email in the next couple of days.

  7. Hi Lois! Thank you so much for all the amazing stuff here! I was wondering if you might be able to email me some of examples of PDF’s that you use. I teach technical theatre in a high school magnet program and I have some very hungry stage managers-in-training that love your site and want more! Thank you so much!

  8. Wow Lois. I stumbled on your site today and it is amazing. I can’t believe the number of shows you took in during 2011. I thought I saw a lot, but I am on my knees in awe. Well done. And all that you are giving back here with the information you are sharing. Fabulous. You are the poster child for theatre – it’s magic, allure and power.

  9. Hey Sandra – thanks so much for your note. I think this year I’m going to end up seeing less theatre, but that’s okay too. I would hate to burn out!

  10. Hi Lois, just came across your blog. Well done on such a good,honest informative blog. I am based in Ireland so it’s great to see how SMing works halfway round the world. Although the love of sharpies is a universal one. Thank you kindly for sharing all your resources, ideas and good positve energy. Bravo 🙂

  11. Hi Lois. I came across your informative site and found a lot of useful information. I noticed your comments on blocking. I’ve just put up a Beta web site on doing blocking. If you have time I’d like your feedback as an experienced Stage Manager. The site is at http://www.mylinesonline.com/DirectorsCutAbout.aspx

  12. Hi Lois.
    I’m having trouble with my blocking script, because I can’t seem to figure out a way to make it a simpler task. Any suggestions? Would you happen to have a portfolio of paperwork that I could look at while I create mine?

    I love you website! Helps me through a lot of shows!


  13. Hi Jonathan,

    Shoot me an email at lois@loisbackstage.com and let me know specifics of what you’re looking for and maybe I can send some paperwork your way!

  14. Hi Lois!

    I’ve been meaning to upgrade to a serious SM kit for the last few shows I’ve worked on, and finally decided to invest in some good supplies. Your list is amazingly helpful! I just spent a ton of money. 🙂

    Thank you!


  15. Hi Rebecca – I hope you find your new tools helpful!

  16. Hi, Lois!

    I’m just now discovering your website and I’m just upset I haven’t found it before! I definitely appreciate the tips and tricks! I’m currently a second-year stage management student at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. Right now, I’m looking into applying for internships for the Summer. Do you have any tips on presenting a portfolio (I’d like to spruce up mine a bit)? Also, what would be the most valuable tip you’d have on interviewing?

    Please let me know when you can!



  17. Hello Lois!

    I’m a college student studying stage management. I was wondering if you knew of any stage management books or other blogs/websites you would recommend? I love reading your blog- so insightful!

    Tara Smith

  18. Hey Lois,

    I was wondering if you accept guest contributions. I’d love to write an article for your site!

    – Lauren

  19. Hi lauren, I’m open to the possibility. Please shoot me an email: lois@loisbackstage.com and we’ll talk about it!

  20. Hi Lois, My name is Mokhtar and I am originally from Afghanistan. I am performing a one man show called Bacha with United Solo on October 15th in NY. any ideas how I can have some people from the theater world see my show.

  21. Hi Lois,
    I have am a middle school stage manager and this is my third year. I just want to say that your advice has helped me out a lot. I think I would like to consider being a free lance stage manager like you when I grow up. If I have any questions could I email you?

  22. Absolutely – feel free to shoot me an email any time

  23. Sonja Schmitzberger

    Hi, Lois!
    Some time ago in a facebook-group of stage managers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland someone posted a picture of the headset duckie. In trying to find out where to get it we found it was only available overseas. But everyone loved it so much that one colleague decided to make an order via some relatives. She then sent it to everyone who was interested. So now there alre several dozens of those duckies manning german speaking stage managers places. 🙂
    Ad “duck” is “Ente” in German, and “stage manager” is “Inspizient” or “Inspizientin”, for most of them she is the #InspiziEnte.
    And she hase proved to be a loyal companion ;-)!
    Greetings from Vienna!

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