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“I am impressed, (and I am not easily impressed after some 40+ years in the “biz”), with Lois’ ability to work in an environment where working conditions included operating daily with 186 cast members in six different languages and eleven diverse cultures from Europe, North America, and Asia; plus the culture of opera. I highly recommend Lois Dawson for any position she may seek in stage management and show calling for large-scale arena and stadium opera productions. It is rare in this business to find a young and fabulously talented individual who has character, spirit and the professionalism required to tackle everything put in her path. ”

– Susan C. Weiss, Creator: Original Concept VIVA VERDI/Artistic Production Manager, Mobile Productions GmbH, Zurich, Switzerland


Lois is an excellent and highly professional stage manager. She has a full grasp of the various components that make a good SM, including a thorough knowledge of theatre tech and great people and organizational skills. She can also call a show extremely well.”

– Richard Wolfe, Artistic Director, Pi Theatre

“Perhaps the highest recommendation I can provide for Lois’s value to us as a stage manager is the fact that, in any season when Pacific Theatre can provide sufficient work, we eagerly arrange our scheduling to make it possible to retain Lois as our Resident Stage Manager….It is our regret that we cannot retain her in a full-time, ongoing staff capacity, as we did in previous seasons.”

– Ron Reed, Artistic Director, Pacific Theatre

“Lois is easily the best stage manager I have ever worked with. My definition of a stage manager is ‘someone who does what needs doing before it occurs to you to ask’. Lois personifies this ideal. She is always one step ahead, anticipating the needs of the director, actors, and designers, and meeting their needs. She is efficient, organized, respectful, diligent, and personable….I trust her perception and perspective absolutely because she has the background and intelligence to know her work is in service of the art.”

– Angela Konrad, Freelance Director & Theatre Department Chair, Trinity Western University

“Lois joined our production late in the process and easily acclimated to our company’s personality while reinforcing the scheduled rehearsal goals without being abrasive.   She distinguished herself by being highly organized, resourceful & by dealing with personality conflicts in a discreet yet decisive manner.”

David C. Jones, Actor, Director, Producer

“Whatever was required, Lois strove to make it happen. When props were not available, Lois helped to track them down. When the set wasn’t quite ready, Lois helped paint. When one of our actors celebrated a birthday she baked cupcakes! She is incredibly organized and very good at scheduling and worked hard at keeping me on track during rehearsals…It was a pleasure to have her in the rehearsal hall.”

– Renee Iaci, Co-Artistic Director, Shameless Hussy Productions


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  2. Hello Misses Lois,
    I am a student at a community college, I hold a scholarship in the theater department and I am striving to become a stage manager. A fellow student also interested in the profession have become extremely taken with your blog. We wanted to know if you would be interested in doing a Q&A over skype so we could get some information and advice. Thanks so much!

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  3. Hi Presnel,

    Shoot me an email at and we’ll see if we can set something up!

  4. After googling numerous SM kits, yours really helped. You’ve become an inspiration to me and after reading all of your references; I truly hope to be as good as you one day. Thank you for being so great at what you do.

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