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Ride the Cyclone Tour Stop #1 – Calgary

All of our travel items have the Cyclone logo spray painted onto them

All of our travel items have the Cyclone logo spray painted onto them

I’ve been in Calgary for four very busy days now and am having a hard time believing that my first week of Ride the Cyclone is coming to an end. It feels like we’ve been in Calgary both longer and shorter than we have. Because our appearance in Calgary is part of a festival, our load-in/tech time was limited and so there was no time to go through and Q2Q the show here. Instead, I got my first chance to ever see the lighting cues, costumes and props in a dress rehearsal as I called the show for the first time on the afternoon of opening. I was nervous and I was stressed about it.

That was Wednesday. Now it’s Friday (well, Saturday really….) and I have three performances under my belt and I’m starting to feel like I’ve got a handle on what is going on. Which of course means that it must be almost time to head to the next city and start over. But there’s also something exciting about that, especially this time because we have things technically that we just didn’t have time to really look at here in Calgary that I know we want to fix in Vancouver.

All bundled up for the cold Calgary nights.

All bundled up for the cold Calgary nights.

Calgary has been really beautiful and really cold while we’ve been here.  Today was down around -20 for a good portion of the day, and while my prairie relatives would think I’m weak for being cold in that, this Vancouverite is finding the cold to take some getting used to.  I am getting good use out of the winter hat I picked up in Zurich and have good memories of exploring the city in search of something to keep my head warm! Sadly the picture on the right is a bit grainy from my iPhone camera so you can’t tell that I am covered in snow in it.When I snapped the photo yesterday it was snowing quite hard outside.

In addition to the cold we’ve been battling the dry air, higher altitude, and a nasty cold that has hit many of us working on the show – myself included. For me this is a show where I barely stop talking for an hour and a half, and I’m definitely not used to being the one worried about my voice, but Thursday night I nearly lost my voice and ever since I’ve been following all the advice the singers want to give me about keeping my voice healthy.

Rielle & Sarah with the Amazing Karnak in the background

Rielle & Sarah with the Amazing Karnak in the background

The show itself continues to be wonderful. It’s a great joy to get to listen to a new audience discover it every night. Tonight someone snuck a photo during the show on their iPhone and then tweeted it. I figure that makes it fair game, so the first production still of the 2013 tour is to the left of this text.

Tomorrow my parents are coming to see the show since they are in Calgary on their way to vacation and then Sunday we head to Vancouver where our lighting designer is already busy supervising the lighting install and getting ready for our arrival. Vancouver is the only city on the tour that has seen a previous version of the show. I can’t wait to see how they respond to the new and improved version!

I mean, the Calgary Herald really liked it. They called it “an exhilarating blast of theatre with bite” and ” a wild ride, offering everything from emotional resonance to laugh-out-loud moments to hummable tunes that will have you singing the raunchy lyrics the next day.”

Lois’ Grand Adventure – Day 11 (Zurich)

First snow on the river between Zurich and Hüttwilen

My alarm going off at 3:45am was a bit of a shock. I woke up with a jolt, but when I remembered why I was getting up so early I quickly got dressed and headed over to my computer. I was able to make a connection with the fine folks in Victoria, but not for very long before the internet went away. And I mean just completely disappeared from the hotel.  All of a sudden zero wireless networks appeared as options and this continued for twenty minutes of me trying to restart, etc. As it turns out, the hotel was doing a system upgrade that was supposed to take 15 minutes and instead ended up interrupting internet access for about 2 hours.

During the time that the internet was broken, I figured that maybe I could get some work done down in their business center or at least get some printing done. As it turned out, I couldn’t do any work down there either because of the internet issues, but I did get to learn that on a Swiss keyboard, the Z and the Y are in opposite places. Which meant I wrote a lot of sentences about “zou and I skzping”. It was amusing and irritating at the same time.

We had our first snow today. It started about 4:20 this morning and was struggling to stick in the city when we left for Hüttwilen but by the time we arrived there was a considerable amount of snow on the ground. Our Mexican cast had never seen snow before and were running into the rehearsal hall, breathless, declaring how amazing it is. It’s fun to see that sense of wonder about something that is often just a nuisance. There I am standing thinking about how much time will be added to our commute by the bad weather as they are running out to the snow for a giant snowball fight. If it had lasted a few more minutes I would have been right out in the thick of it.

The cast mid rehearsal

Rehearsals are going well. I think that after today the two big full cast scenes are figured out or if not they are very close. This is good since the soloists arrive this weekend! Today the five giant roadcases full of costumes arrived. We don’t get to open them until the master tailor arrives this weekend, but it is getting exciting in the warehouse! Next week our rehearsal days will be much longer, but I am looking forward to starting to integrate all the pieces.

The lights outside the restaurant.

After rehearsal tonight I ventured into downtown Zurich with the stage manager and her husband. We found a lovely little restaurant on a street that we picked because we liked the Christmas lights that were hanging on it. We had been looking for a restaurant from a guide book, but when we got to where it should have been we found a for rent sign and had to look for something else.  In the course of our adventures we walked up a number of old cobblestone streets, walked over some Roman ruins that had been found and are now under a glass sidewalk, a Christmas market, and so many places that I can’t wait to return on the weekend. It wasn’t what I had planned for my evening, but was actually so much better.