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Five Shows to See in the Final Fringe Weekend

The final weekend of the Vancouver Fringe Festival is very nearly upon us! With 91 shows in the festival this year, I know it can be overwhelming to try to decide what to pick – especially in the final weekend when sellouts abound. Here are five shows I recommend snapping up advance tickets to before you head down to Granville Island for the weekend. In no particular order:

Nancy Kenny in Roller Derby Saved my Soul

Nancy Kenny in Roller Derby Saved my Soul

1. Roller Derby Saved My Soul – A coming-of-age story, but not in the high school sense. As Amy enters her 30’s she discovers what it means to be her own woman through Roller Derby. The shows nerds out a bit with Buffy references in the best way (the night I was there I was wishing I was with a friend who also loved Buffy so they would laugh with me), and writer/performer Nancy Kenny is charming. Oh yeah, and she does 2/3 of the show on roller skates. The show has been selling out, so I’d recommend either getting there early or buying in advance online.

2. Aiden Flynn Looses His Brother so he Makes Another – A simple, wordless retelling of the Frankenstein story that makes use of shadow puppets in addition to other movement. The show is touching, sweet, and the kind of show that you will only find at the Fringe.

3. Industry: The Food Must Go Out – A Laugh-out-loud riot examining the behind the scenes of the restaurant industry. Set in the restaurant where the three lead performers work, find out why you should never order hot water with lemon, experience a hangover on the job, and be prepared to get involved – you might even get some dessert or some wine out of it. And they are serving drinks during their late night shows. Tonight’s show is sold out and tomorrow’s is very limited, but there’s still some room for Sunday’s show. Again, I recommend you buy these online.

4. Magic Unicorn Island – Jayson McDonald (fringe god) returns to Vancouver with his new piece that is a commentary on the current state of the world. Beginning with creation, we see how we got here and explore one possible outcome. The evolution sequence alone is worth the price of admission. One of the most political fringe shows I’ve ever seen and McDonald is at his best when he’s playing kids.

5. The Greatest Monkey Show on Earth – Let me say upfront that I am not a big fan of buffoon so when I heard that one of the guys from last year’s You Killed Hamlet! was back with a new show I walked far away. But the combination of the Fringe-for-all and flyering intrigued me so I figured I could go as long as I sat near the middle with multiple people on either side of me. And I was okay and had a great time. Charles the monkey performs a series of feats of acrobatics, clowning, and comedy, but don’t be fooled into thinking this is a good show for kids – things get dark at the end but in a way that had me thinking as I left the theatre.

Alison with QuoteBonus: The Chariot Cities still has a pair of shows left (Friday at 6:45pm and Sunday 1:00pm). Come see the show that critics have called “a hit show in the making” (Vancity Buzz) and “one of those rare but fabulous shows where the ensemble cast is so damn good” (Plank Magazine).

Seen something else that was excellent? Shout it out in the comments below.



The Chariot Cities at the Vancouver Fringe

Group QuoteIt’s one of my favourite times of the year – Vancouver Fringe Festival season!

I love seeing shows at the Fringe – one year I think I saw 45 or 50 of them – it’s crazy! Tonight I’m doing a five show night. ON A MONDAY. This is the amazing thing about Fringe season.

I’ve worked for the festival on and off for the past four years – most recently as the off-season marketing assistant this winter/spring – but this year I’m the most actively involved as an artist that I’ve ever been. Yes, I’ve had shows in the festival before, but I’ve never actually stage managed for the festival and I haven’t produced at the level that I have this year.

The show I’m stage managing/producing is called The Chariot Cities. It’s a new play with original music about a family (two generations) of musicians who are much better at being a band than they are at being a family. They know how to handle the public sphere, but their private lives – especially as they related to each other – are a mess. Reviews have been really great so far – they all agree that the show has a lot of successful moments but wants to be a longer show. That’s okay by me – we want it to be a longer show too. Eventually it would be great to see a two act version of the play and after chatting with the playwright yesterday I found out that at least one more song already exists that was written for the show, but cut to make it fit into the 75 minute fringe time slot.
Jeff with Quote

Folks have been very supportive – our first two performances were attended by over 100 patrons each and the buzz at the festival is good. I was in line for a show yesterday afternoon and talking to a friend of mine about the response when the man in front of us turned around to tell me he’d seen the show the night before and had already bought tickets to come back this coming weekend.

We still have four performances left, so if you’re in the Vancouver area I’d love to have you join us.

The shows are:

Tuesday, Sept 9 @ 5:00pm
Thursday, Sept 11 @ 10:40pm
Friday, Sept 12 @ 6:45pm
Sunday, Sept 14 @ 1:00pm

Tickets are $14 plus a $5 one-time fringe membership and can be purchased online at http://www.vancouverfringe.com/show/14PMR7/, in person at the box office on Granville Island up to 4 hours before the show, or in person at the door 45 minutes before the show.

Shantini with Quote

As a special thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of the show and in response to all of the requests for a cast recording (we hear you, I promise!) here is a live recording of the opening song, Little Lights.

2012 in Review: Shows I Saw

For the last four years I’ve been keeping track of what I see, and each year the number has been growing. This year I saw a staggering 174 different productions (some of them more than once) spanning the performance art disciplines in 10 cities and five countries. I saw a high school production and a West End Musical. I went to the Vancouver Fringe and the Paris National Opera. I saw magicians, musicals, and modern dance; ballet, busking, and butoh; Shakespeare, site-specific, and SummerWorks.

As with every year there are shows I regret missing, but there are way less this year. There were things I wanted to see in London that I didn’t make it to. I couldn’t see every show at PuSh. I missed Terminus at SummerWorks.But overall, I saw more great theatre this year. Of course, I also walked out of two shows this year (something I rarely do) and wanted to walk out of at least three others that I couldn’t walk out of due to political reasons or logistics.

Here they are, the 174 shows I saw in 2012 in something close to chronological order:

  1. Waiting for Godot (Blackbird Theatre at the Cultch)
  2. Never Swim Alone (TWU)
  3. All The Way Home (Electric Company)
  4. Red (Vancouver Playhouse)
  5. The Idiot (Neworld/UBC at PuSh)
  6. Amarillo (Teatro Linea de Sombra at PuSh)
  7. Glory Days (The Boys Upstairs Equity Co-op)
  8. Hot Pepper, Air Conditioner (Chelfitsch Theater at PuSh)
  9. Gunmetal Blues (Playhouse)
  10. El Pasado un animal grotesco (Grupo Marea at PuSh)
  11. Craigslist Cantata (Arts Club Theatre at PuSh)
  12. Almighty Voice and his Wife (Native Earth Performing Arts/Touchstone Theatre at PuSh)
  13. Calendar Girls (Arts Club)
  14. No. 2 (Silo Theatre at PuSh)
  15. Danny and the Deep Blue Sea (Pacific Theatre)
  16. Bride on Credit (TWU)
  17. Tempting Providence (Gateway Theatre)
  18. Problem Child & The End of Civilization (Theatre at UBC)
  19. I Love You Because (Intimate Productions)
  20. Intimate Apparel (Arts Club Theatre)
  21. The Silicone Diaries (Nina Arsenault at The Cultch)
  22. Hunchback (Catalyst Theatre at The Vancouver Playhouse)
  23. All Shook Up (Chemainus Theatre Festival & Gateway Co-pro)
  24. Ignorance (Old Trout Puppet WorkShop at The Cultch)
  25. Doubt (Pacific Theatre)
  26. Goodness (Volcano theatre at the Firehall)
  27. King Lear (Honest Fishmongers)
  28. Kismet 1 to 100 (The Chop at Gateway)
  29. A Vessel of Ruins (Taketeru Kudo – Tokyo)
  30. Barber of Seville (Vancouver Opera)
  31. Importance of Being Earnest (Arts Club)
  32. Importance of Being Earnest (Gallery 7)
  33. Flop (Delinquent Theatre)
  34. Snooker (Camillo the Magician)
  35. Fresco (BellaLuna Productions)
  36. The Bombitty of Errors (20-Something)
  37. Scar Tissue (Arts Club)
  38. Henry & Alice: Into the Wild (Arts Club)
  39. EndGame (Main Street Theatre)
  40. A Last Resort (Rough House Productions)
  41. Trial by Jury (VSO & Vancouver Opera Ensemble)
  42. Aida (Vancouver Opera)
  43. The Exquisite Hour (Relephant Theatre)
  44. 100 Saints You Should Know (Pacific Theatre)
  45. Blue Box (Neworld Theatre)
  46. Bliss (Ballet BC)
  47. High Society (Arts Club)
  48. Godspell (Christ Church Cathedral)
  49. Obstructions – Boca Del Lupo
  50. Shelter from the Storm (Touchstone/Firehall)
  51. Fantasticks (Gallery 7)
  52. MacBeth (Bard on the Beach)
  53. Wolf at the Door (Pacific Theatre)
  54. Not Everything You Are (Stones Throw)
  55. Obstructions – Felix Culpa
  56. UnBoxed (Scarlet Satin)
  57. Reasons to be Pretty (Matchbox Theatre)
  58. The Alchemist
  59. Xanadu (Arts Club)
  60. Titanic (TUTS)
  61. The Music Man (TUTS)
  62. King John (Bard on the Beach)
  63. Merry Wives of Windsor (Bard on the Beach)
  64. Alter Boyz (Arts Club)
  65. Armed (Xua Xua)
  66. Mary Poppins (Broadway Across Canada)
  67. Stationary (Delinquent Theatre at Neanderthal)
  68. Coercion (Hardline at Neanderthal)
  69. God is a Scottish Drag Queen (Delcon Entertainment.at Neanderthal)
  70. The List (Bouchewhacked! at Neanderthal)
  71. Tyumen, Then (Groundwater Productions at Neanderthal)
  72. House of X (Wild Excursions at Neanderthal)
  73. The Taming of the Shrew (Bard on the Beach)
  74. Obstructions – Beautiful Karrats (Radix)
  75. Sunday Service (Neanderthal)
  76. Exhibit A (411 Dramaturgy at Neanderthal)
  77. The Marraige of Figaro (Summer Opera Lyric Theatre)
  78. My Pregnant Brother (Freestanding Productions at SummerWorks)
  79. France or the Niquab (Old Pirate at SummerWorks)
  80. Haunted (The Haunted Group at SummerWorks)
  81. Artaud: un Portrait en Decomposition (TheatreRUN at SummerWorks))
  82. Medicine Boy (Native Earth at SummerWorks)
  83. Purge (Brian Lobel at SummerWorks)
  84. One/Un (Orange Noyée at SummerWorks)
  85. The God that Comes (2b Theatre at SummerWorks)
  86. When it Rains (2b Theatre at SummerWorks)
  87. Petrichor (Kitchenband at SummerWorks)
  88. Barrel Crank (Suitcase in Point at SummerWorks)
  89. Extinction Song (Voodoo Theatre at SummerWorks)
  90. Dutchman (lemonTree Creations)
  91. Wondermart (Rotozaza at SummerWorks)
  92. Marine Life (Theatre Crisis and Aluna Theatre at SummerWorks)
  93. Captain Ron’s Ship of Friendship/Atomic Vaudeville Cabaret (Atomic Vaudeville at SummerWorks)
  94. The Frenzy of Queen Maeve  (Live Lobster Theatre at SummerWorks)
  95. Breath in Between (Breath Collective in Association with Crow’s Theatre at SummerWorks)
  96. 40 Days and 40 Nights (Nina Arsenault at Summerworks)
  97. Your Side, My Side and the Truth (Compass and Trying Science Co-Production at SummerWorks)
  98. Peachy Coochy (Summerworks)
  99. We Will WeeTube (An Experiment with Theatre Replacement’s WeeTube at SummerWorks)
  100. Iceland (The Iceland Collective at Summerworks)
  101. Speed the Plow (SoulPepper)
  102. Motor Vehicle Sundown (Andy Field at SummerWorks)
  103. Midsummer Night’s Dream (CanStage)
  104. Mojo (ItsaZoo)
  105. Eurosmash! (Die Rotten Punkte at The Cultch)
  106. My Marvellous Melcher Machine (James Melcher)
  107. Pirates? (Quimera Collective)
  108. Just Bust a Move (Nathaniel Roy)
  109. Home Free (Staircase XI)
  110. Riverview High: The Musical (Entrance Theatre)
  111. In the Time of the Dream Warrior (Golgonooza)
  112. The 1812 Event (Just Push Play)
  113. Romance (Queer Arts Society)
  114. Adult Entertainment (Squidamisu Theatre)
  115. ReLapse (And the Other Leg)
  116. Miss Cosmos (Bright Young Theatre)
  117. Felony (Dreams Beyond 30)
  118. First Day Back (10 Foot Pole)
  119. Alpha (Compassionate Bone)
  120. Three More Sleepless Nights (o.o.o.o.)
  121. Weaksauce (Sam Mullins)
  122. You Are Here (Allentina Francesca)
  123. Hip Hop Shakespeare Live Music Videos (411 Dramaturgy)
  124. Tales Told by Idiots (Not The Mermaid)
  125. Lost in Twine (Looking for 143 Productions)
  126. Underbelly (Jayson MacDonald)
  127. Zanna, Don’t (Awkward Stage)
  128. Psychopomp (Psyche Theatre)
  129. Smudge (Two Wrongs That Write)
  130. God is a Scottish Drag Queen (Delcon Entertainment)
  131. Peter ‘n’ Chris Explore Their Bodies (Peter ‘n’ Chris)
  132. Loon (Wonderheads)
  133. Gadfly (Theatre of the Beat)
  134. Guernica (Hidden Harlequin Theatre)
  135. Fishbowl (Mark Shyzer)
  136. How to Love (Idea Factory Entertainment)
  137. Welcome to my Wake (INC – Ingrid Nilson Collective)
  138. Little Lady (Sandrine Lanford)
  139. The Histories AKA Will Shakespeare’s ImproMusical (GrinkeInk)
  140. Riot (Carson Graham Secondary)
  141. The Missing Piece (Theresa Hamilton)
  142. The Best, Man (Urban Rogues)
  143. Risk Everything (Squidamisu Theatre)
  144. No Tweed to Tight (Ryan Gladstone)
  145. Vincent (Spitfire Productions)
  146. Bookworm (Corin Raymond)
  147. Blind Date (Rebecca Northan at the Cultch)
  148. Post Secret: The Play (TJ Dawe, Kahlil Ashanti & Frank Warren)
  149. The Spitfire Grill (Midnight Theatre Collective at Pacific Theatre)
  150. Capslock: The Musical (Pipedream Productions)
  151. Master Class (Arts Club)
  152. White Rabbit, Red Rabbit (Elbow Theatre at The Cultch)
  153. A Beautiful View (Ruby Slippers)
  154. Zombie Syndrome (Virtual Stage)
  155. The Unplugging (Arts Club)
  156. Initiation Trilogy (Electric Company/Boca del Lupo/Writers Fest)
  157. Debts (ItsaZoo)
  158. La Boheme (Vancouver Opera)
  159. Dancing at Lughnassa (Capilano University)
  160. Chelsea Hotel (Firehall)
  161. Cozy Catastrophe (theatre Melee with Rumble and the Cultch)
  162. Gold Mountain (Les Deux Mondes & unity theatre at The Cultch)
  163. Dickens’ Women (Miriam Margoyles at The Cultch)
  164. Go Back for Murder (SAMC Theatre @TWU)
  165. Tomb with a View (Genus/Up in the Air)
  166. Far Side of the Moon (Ex Machina @ SFU)
  167. Matilda the Musical (Royal Shakespeare Company in the Westend)
  168. Twelfth Night (The Globe)
  169. NSFW (Royal Court)
  170. The Effect (National Theatre)
  171. Die Entführung aus dem Serail (Zurich Opera House)
  172. Jultrad-i-tion (Gotenburg Opera)
  173. Don Quixote (Ballet of the National Opera of Paris)
  174. Le Retour (Odeon Theatre of Europe)
  175. La Cenerentola (National Opera of Paris)

Stalk Me at #VanFringe

Miranda Allen (Willow’s Walk, Fringe 2011) at I doing a bit of show promo. Note the radio and lanyard: they make me official!

One week from tonight the Vancouver Fringe opens.  So I’m probably not going to be around much.  However, if you want to find me, you should come stalk me around the festival. Here’s my viewing schedule at present:

Tuesday, Sept 4
7:00pm Opening Night

Thursday, Sept. 6
6:30pm My Marvelous Melcher Machine @ Foreshore Walk
8:00pm Pirates? @ Kids Tugboat
9:00pm Just Bust a Move @ Creekside Boardwalk
10:00pm Fringe For All

Friday, Sept. 7
5:00pm Home Free @ Carousel Theatre
7:30pm Riverview High: The Musical @ Firehall
10:15pm In the Time of the Dream Warrior @ The Cultch

Saturday, Sept. 8
Noon The 1812 Event @ Ron Basford Park
1:30pm Romance @ CBC Studios
4:00pm Suburban Motel @ The Waldorf Hotel
7:30pm ReLapse @ The Alder Bay Bridge
8:20pm Miss Cosmos @ The Playground
9:30pm Felony @ The Big Yellow Crane

Sunday, Sept. 9
11:20am First Day Back @ Studio 1398
12:45pm Alpha @ Studio 16
2:20pm An Evening with Satan @ Studio 1398
4:15pm The Donnelly Sideshow @ Studio 1398
7:30pm Three More Sleepless Nights @ Havana
10:30pm Weaksauce @ Havana
gap You Are Here

Monday, Sept. 10
5:00pm Hip Hop Shakespeare Live Music Videos @ Performance Works
6:40pm Tales Told By Idiots @ Sculpture Grove
8:00pm Lost in Twine @ The Net Loft
9:40pm Underbelly @ Waterfront

If you can’t find me at a show, find me at the Fringe Bar at the end of the night. This photo of Managing Director Isabella and I was taken there last year.

Tuesday, Sept. 11
1:00pm Zanna, Don’t @ CBC Studios
5:00pm Bad Day to be a Juggler @ Performance Works
7:00pm Psychopmp @ Market Docks
8:00pm Smudge @ Ocean Concrete
9:30pm God is a Scottish Drag Queen @ Performance Works
10:45pm Peter ‘N’ Chris @ Carousel

Wednesday, Sept. 12
5:00pm Loon @ Waterfront
6:45pm Gadfly @ Revue
8:30pm Love You Until @ Circle Point
10:20pm Guernica @ Waterfront

Thursday, Sept. 13
5:00pm Fishbowl @ Performance Works
7:00pm How to Love @ Three Chairs and a Bench
8:30pm Welcome to my Wake @ Emily Carr Parking Garage
9:30pm Little Lady @ False Creek Gymn
10:45pm The Histories @ Carousel Theatre?

Friday, Sept. 14
12:30pm Riot @ Woodwards
5:00pm slut ( r)evolution @ Performance Works
6:55pm Two blonds with a passion @ Studio 1398
9:00pm The Missing Piece @ The Picnic Pavillion
11:45pm The Best, Man @ Carousel

Saturday, Sept. 15
2:00pm Pantaloon’s Pawnshop @ Vancouver Japanese United Church
4:00pm Suburban Motel @ The Waldorf
5:45pm No Tweed Too Tight @ CBC Studio 700
9:00pm Matador vs. Minatour @ Little Mountain Studios
10:45pm Cabaret of Bullshit

Sunday, Sept. 16
1:00pm Vincent @ The Cultch
2:45pm Bookworm @ The Havana
6:45pm Opera for Heathens @ Origins
9:30pm Awards Night!

Alpha at the Vancouver Fringe

Rick was born to play hockey. But it’s his final year in the minors, and he still hasn’t been drafted. With the end of high school and the pressure to win a Provincial Championship looming, Rick struggles to hold his dream in focus. Armed with only a sense of humour and a big stick, is Rick ready to face off against his fears? A semi-autobiographical slapshot to the solar-plexis.

Written & Performed by Evan Frayne
Directed by Angela Konrad
Stage Managed by Lois Dawson
Set & Lighting design by Lauchlin Johnston
Sound Design by Jeff McMahan

A play about small town minor hockey and big time dreams, Alpha is inspired by Evan Frayne’s own experiences growing up in a place where hockey is king. As Rick says, “If you’re like me, if you grew up where I did, there’s one dream and I had it. To play professional hockey.”

But pursuing your dreams is dangerous business and the pressure to play hard on and off the ice begins to take its toll. Before long, Rick discovers that battling your personal demons can be even more intimidating than facing off with an enforcer.

ALPHA plays at Studio 16, 1555 West 7th Avenue, September 7 – 15.

Show times are: Fri Sept 7, 22:40-23:40| Sat Sept 8, 16:30-17:30| Sun Sept 9, 12:45-13:45| Mon Sept 10, 18:15-19:15| Thurs Sept 13, 20:30-21:30| Sat Sept 15, 20:00-21:00.

Tickets are $5 – $12 plus fees and available online at www.vancouverfringe.com/calendar.

Weekend Recipe: Chocolate Beer Cake

When the Vancouver International Fringe Festival asked me to make them a cake with beer in it, I was intrigued.  I’m not a beer drinker, but I took on the challenge.  They presented me with a recipe from McAuslen, the company that makes the St. Ambroise brand and sponsors the festival each year. The cake turned out beautifully and it was fun to hang out in the Fringe office on Wednesday afternoon for cake with the staff.  Getting it from my house to the office was a bit of a challenge though.  Walking down the street with a three layer cake in the pouring rain is not something I’d advise doing.  It was two tall for my cake carrying case though, so it was on a cardboard and covered in plastic wrap.  Like I said, a bit of a challenge. The little old men I walked past thought I was adorable though.

My slightly lopsided beer cake. I'm still impressed that it survived its grand adventure across town. Photo by Debby Reis.

Chocolate Beer Cake
adapted from the McAuslen recipe

We only managed to eat half the cake! Three layers is a lot of cake!


1 cup of St-Ambroise Oatmeal Stout
1 cup of unsalted butter
3/4 cup of unsweetened cocoa powder
2 cups of flour
2 cups of sugar
1/2 tbsp of baking soda
1/2 tsp of salt
2 eggs
2/3 cup of sour cream
One can of cherry pie filling (or you can make your own.  I was intrigued by this recipe, but couldn’t cherries are out of season so I couldn’t make my own)
Vanilla Bean Frosting


1. Preaheat oven to 350°F. Butter three ,8-inch round cake pans and then dust with cocoa powder.
2. Heat beer and 2 cups of butter in a saucepan over low heat. Add the cocoa and whisk until the mixture is smooth. Cool to room temperature.
3. Mix flour, sugar, baking soda and salt in large bowl.
4. Beat eggs andsour cream in a separate bowl. Add cocoa and beer mixture to egg andsour cream and beat.
5. Add flour mixture to wet ingredients and stir until well blended.
6. Pour into cake pans and bake for 30 – 35 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted to the tallest part of the cake comes out clean.


1. Allow the cakes to cool completely.
2. Using a sharp knife, cut off any rounding on the top of your cakes so that they will easily stack on top of each other.
3. Set down your base layer.  Place half of your cherry filling on top of it. Put the second layer of cake on that, then another layer of cherry filling and finally the third layer of cake.  Ideally, set the top layer of the cake upside down so that the smooth base from the bottom of the pan will become your easily ice-able top of the cake.
4. Ice the cake carefully, especially where the layers meet.  It is often wise to do a layer of rough icing, let it set, and then go back and do a nice clean coating after.


Fringe Onsite 2012

Last year I had the privilege of helping to develop and launch a brand new program with the Vancouver International Fringe Festival and The Only Animal.  Fringe Onsite is a site-specific show development program that includes 11 weeks of development workshop time, mentorship with  TOA’s Artistic Director Kendra Fanconi, logistical support, venue coordinator, and all the other fun things that come with being a part of the fringe.

This video which highlights last summer’s program is a good hint at some of the possibilities of what the program is – but ultimatey it is what the participants make of it.

This year, the onsite program is accepting 14 participants on a first-come, first-served basis and applications go online on January 17th.  If any of you are looking for a really well supported way to be a part of the Fringe, a way to create a show with deadlines, guaranteed performance time, and no added venue costs (as compared to the BYOV program which is the same price but does not offer any mentorship, development support, or venue provisions), then I highly recommend the Onsite program.

Over the next couple of weeks myself, Kendra and David Jordan (the Fringe executive Director) will be visiting a number of the post-secondary institutions in the lower mainland to talk about the program and answer questions.  If you are a current student I really encourage you to attend. If you’re not a student and want more information about the program, please post your questions here and I’ll do my best to either answer them or find you an answer.  And hopefully I’ll see some of you in the Onsite program.

2011 in Review: Hard Work

I am so blessed to make a living doing what I love with fantastic people all around me. 2011 was no exception.  I worked hard, and the hard work paid off. It was a year full of highlights, especially the world premiere of Horseshoes & Hand Grenades’ Re:Union by Sean Devine.  It was the most challenging piece I have ever worked on in pretty much every way: technically, thematically, and working in a time crunch. But we did it. And we did it without compromising the artistic vision that made the show what it was. The video below gives a small hint at what we pulled off, magically, in 2.5 weeks of rehearsal.

If the video doesn’t display properly, please click here to watch it on vimeo.

In chronological order my year was as follows:

1. Stage Manager – The Pillowman – Wild Geese Equity Co-op

Ashley O'Connell, Mike Wasko & Aaron Hursh in The Pillowman. Photo by Michael Sider

2. Sound Technician – Jesus Hopped the ‘A’ Train – Glass City Theatre

Rob Olguin as Angel Cruz. Photo by Itai Erdal.


3. BYOV Coordinator & Onsite Facilitator – Vancouver International Fringe Festival

Photoshoot for Melissa Aston's Duck Off as part of the Onsite program. Photo by Lois Dawson.

4. Box Office Manager – Prodigals – 20-Something Theatre

Brandyn Eddy, Timothy Johnston & Jameson Parker in Prodigals. Image provided.

5. Sound Designer – The Verona Project – Stones Throw Productions

Susie Coodin as Juliet and Maryanne Renzetti as the Nurse. Photo provided.


6. Stage Manager – Homegrown – A staged reading in support of SummerWorks

If the video doesn’t work, you can watch it HERE.

7. Stage Manager – ReUnion – Horseshoes and Hand Grenades & Pacific Theatre

Evan Frayne in ReUnion. Photo by Emily Cooper.

8. Stage Manager – After Jerusalem – Solo Collective

Andrew McNee and Deb Williams in After Jerusalem. Photo by Itai Erdal.

For additional Year in Review posts see:
Shows I Saw.

I’m So Proud of the Onsite Program

From the Georgia Straight’s Best of Vancouver:

Best sign that Vancouver artists are busting out of the traditional theatre

“Everywhere you look this year, artists are performing under docks, in water parks, along streets, and high up the walls of buildings. Site-specific work isn’t just for special occasions anymore; it’s happening all over the city, all year long. The Vancouver International Fringe Festival just devoted an entire section of its lineup, called the Fringe Onsite, to unexpected spaces around Granville Island: among a dozen oddball offerings, wreckage played out eerily beneath the ferry dock while The Other Side took to the spray park.”

I couldn’t be more thrilled with the way the Onsite program turned out.  The feedback from artists, audiences, critics and the random people walking around Granville Island has been so fantastic.  People have commented how alive it made the Fringe feel this year.  I am so pleased with it all.

It looks like the program will be back next year, so if you’re interested in learning about creating site specific theatre and would benefit from mentorship with The Only Animal and want to have a show in the Fringe Festival next year, keep your eyes open around November and make sure you apply.  The program is first-come, first-served.

Fringe is Coming!

Last week the 2011 Vancouver Fringe program guide came out, listing all the shows that will be  part of this year’s festival and this morning the tickets went on sale. You can buy them online HERE.

Currently, I think I am going to be able to see FORTY shows during the festival.  Here’s the list I’m working with right now, in terms of what I will be able to see:

*The Selkie Wife
*Finding Beauty Here
^Trouble in Tahiti: A One Act Opera
^Archy & Mehitabel
^Screaming Silently
Like Father, Like Son? Sorry.
This is Cancer
Jesus in Montana
^Short & Sweet
The Progressive Polygamists
The Animal Show
Arnie the Carnie’s House of Fun
*Stay Away from my Boat, @$$hole
^Every Story Ever Told
*Lost in Place
*Duck Off
^Peter & Chris and the Mystery of the Hungry Heart Hotel
^Tinfoil Dinosaur
*The Other Side
Houdini’s Last Escape
Whisky Bars
*Goblin Market
^Sally Lives Here
Acrobatic Daredevils
^Oh my God
Fortunate Son
Burning Brothels
*Willow’s Walk; Ripples in Time
Oh, That Wiley Snake
Sparrow and the Mouse
Phone Whore
*Rove: The Legend of Rusty Point

PLUS all of the Fringe special events: Opening Night, Fringe-for-all, Mr. Kinski’s Cabaret of Bullshit, Awards Night and a number of the bands & workshops.

* = shows that are a part of the Fringe Onsite program that I’ve been running since April
^ = shows that are BYOVs at the Fringe, which I am also responsible for coordinating

Which shows are you most excited about seeing?